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Meet Phillip Marley...


What is your favorite book? The Bible & "When God Doesn't Make Sense" by James Dobson


Who is your favorite artist (s)? Rachel Marley, Arthur Rice, Michael Buble, Bill Shiver, Michael English


What is your favorite song (s)? "It Is Well with My Soul" & "He Had to Rise"


If your life was a song, what would the title be? "Who Am I?”


What is your favorite pastime? Pretending to Sing


What is your favorite restaurant? Highway 55 (of course)


When is your birthday? The day I was born…


If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go? The Holy Land


What are three adjectives that describe you? Smart; Handsome; Humble


When you have free time, how do you like to spend it? With my beautiful, sweet wife Rachel and my children


What is your most cherished childhood memory? My grandfather bringing my brothers and me Cracker Jacks in his green VW Bug


What is your favorite scripture? Romans 12


What is one thing that people may not know about you? My hair belongs to me

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